Samuel Carradice's Home Page

Samuel at Grotte de Gournier, Vercors, France

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Samuel is the designer and developer of:

- Training Records Manager software for search and rescue teams

and a nenber of:

- Cumbria Ore Mines Rescue Unit (LDSAMRA)
- Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club
- Cumbrian Society of Organists

- Royal Society of Chemistry

and also manages the website for:

- The Organ of St. Cuthbert's Church, Seascale


St.Bavo, Haarlem
Samuel at St.Bavo, Haarlem, Netherlands


St.Bavo, Haarlem
Rollo the Troll

Samuel is also a furry:

- Rollo the Troll
- Netherbeast the Fox

St.Bavo, Haarlem
Netherbeast in Amsterdam, Queen's Day